Latvia becomes the 23rd country in the world with Vodichem products

Riga - December 2014

On the 11th and 12th of December, VODICHEM and our Latvian partner carried out a two-day course on VODIPREN 2PUR theory and application with airless spray machines. Latvia has just become the 23rd country in the world where VODICHEM products are available.

VODIPREN 2PUR is a liquid membrane based on bitumen-polyurethane resin with adhesion promoters that improve application on wet surfaces. The most important quality of VODIPREN 2PUR is its resistance to low temperatures: it can be applied at temperatures lower than 41° F (+5° C). VODIPREN 2PUR is a high performance, professional liquid waterproofing technology.

VODIPREN 2PUR can be used in the following fields of application: balcony and terrace waterproofing; old bituminous membrane and metal roofing waterproofing; roof and concrete structure waterproofing; underlay waterproofing.

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