Vodirall Eco

Resinous aluminium in aqueous dispersion


VODIRALL ECO is a protective brilliant silver-coloured paint. It is new for its formulation because it is completely ecological and not flammable. Thanks to these features, it is easy to store, also in big quantities. Moreover, quarterly medical visits are not necessary for the people who use this product.


Primary use

VODIRALL ECO can be applied on every kind of dried surface but the ideal application is as protective covering of prefabricated bituminous membranes on which it will create a silver coloured film. This film will be homogenous and without stripes. The film obtained with VODIRALL ECO is sufficiently elastic and able to follow the "movements" of the bituminous membrane, avoiding the big problem of the "craquelé".


Instructions for use

VODIRALL ECO is ready for use. Stir the product thoroughly in its can before application. The application may be done by means of a brush, a roller or spraying it.


Technical specifications
Colour Bright aluminium
Specific gravity 0,980 Kg/dm³
Drying At the surface: about 30 minutes at 20° C - In depth: 2 hours at 20° C
Dilution Ready to use
Recommended consuption About 100g per m²
Resistance to foot traffic Good
Resistance to U.V Very good
Packaging Cans of 5lt - 10lt - 20lt



Do not apply VODIRALL ECO when the weather is bad or if rain, fog or temperature under +5° C are expected.These conditions should be ensured for at least 12 hours after application. Provide for suitable slopes of the concrete in order to avoid prolonged water stagnation over the VODIRALL ECO film. Keep the cans at +5° C.

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