Vodicolor Top

Liquid coloured membrane based on synthetic resins, with high waterproof power


VODICOLOR TOP is a liquid coloured membrane based on synthetic resins which are modified in order to get an absolutely waterproof and elastic layer but, above all, a film which is resistant to the prolonged contact with stagnating water (pool effect).


Primary use

VODICOLOR TOP is a totally ecological product, it is elastic and flexible, it is very good for the rewaterproofing of old bituminous membranes or cobbled step steady surfaces, waterproofing of balconies, terraces and covering of pools, chlorine-resisting. As for step steady waterproofing it will be necessary to use the product together with VODITES ( TNT of 50 gr./².). The product with fibres is available too (VODICOLOR TOP "F"). The membrane obtained by using VODICOLOR TOP can tolerate a stretching of 800% (70% in VODICOLOR TOP with fibres or with VODITES) and a cold flexibility of – 20°C. 

Instructions for use

The application of the product by brush, roller or AIRLESS pump is easy and safe, the surfaces have to be clean and dry, if necessary it is possible to "primer" them with VODICOLOR TOP PRIMER. The consumption will be kg. 0,550 + 0,650 /m² of VODICOLOR TOP. applying two coats, by crossing the dried first coat (24 hours at 20°C with U.R. 50%). The product is ready for use, the available colours are white, red, grey, green and blue. Do not apply the product if it could rain, if there could be fog or if the temperature is less than 10° C. The best conditions for the exposure should be ensured for at least 24 hours after the work.


Technical specifications
Colour White - Red - Grey - Green - Blue
Specific gravity 1300 g/lt +1%
Dry residue 72%
Maximum tensile stretch About 800% (70% when there are the fibers)
Resistance to traction Longitudinal sense: 16 daN/cm² - Transversal sense: 18 daN/cm²
Cold flexibility -20°C
Impermeability Total
Consumption 2,5 Kg/m² (in two coats)
Thickness About 1,4 mm/m²
Dilution Ready to use
Drying 6/8 hours on the surface at 20°C - 24/36 hours in depth at 20°C



Remember: do not apply VODICOLOR TOP when the weather is bad, if rain or fog are expected within the next few hours or if the temperature is less than +5°C. The best conditions for application should be ensured for at least 24 hours after the application. As for the waterproofing of cement masses, it is better to use VODITES (elastic non-woven polyester of gr. 50) interposed between the two coats of VODICOLOR TOP. Always provide for a joint element between the horizontal plane and the vertical one. VODICOLOR TOP cannot be applied on humid surfaces or surfaces which have hydraulic lime or chalk. Keep the cans in the original packaging. (Warehousing: 12 months after the production date). The product is sensitive to cold. The tools for the application can be washed with running water prima before the product is dried.

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