Vodipren Compound

Liquid elastomeric bituminous waterproofing membrane. Two-component cold-applied paint. Ideal for industrial buildings, viaducts, bridges, tunnels, old bituminous sheathing and roof waterproofing.


VODIPREN COMPOUND is a special membrane made with an emulsion of high percentage selected bitumen, additives and synthetic resins. It can be sprayed with special equipment and with a catalyst that permits the realisation of a seamless waterproofing elastomeric bituminous membrane, it is well fixed on the surface and has an excellent resistance to high and low temperatures (+ 100°C – 25°C), tangential voltage, stretching (about 5000%) and stamping. The special equipment, extremely practical and small, created by our technological staff, permits covering of 500m² a day with just two workmen. The use of the laying pressure (250 BAR) grants a perfect solidity and uniformity of the membrane avoiding some problems such as: air bubbles, non-catalyzed sac of product, different thickness, excessive size of the pumps and inability of application in case of wind)


Primary use

Thanks to the extreme facility of its application, VODIPREN COMPOUND can be applied on every kind of surface, horizontal, vertical, inclined planes or arches thanks to the immediate catalyzation of the product. VODIPREN COMPOUND can be applied in every case of waterproofing of structures of every kind and dimension: industrial sheds, viaducts, bridges, walls, tunnels, terraces and for the re-waterproofing of old bituminous membranes.


Instructions for use

VODIPREN COMPOUND is ready for use, the catalyst (calcium chloride) is delivered in 50Kg sacks. In order to prepare the catalyst you have to dilute 1 or 1/3 (of weight) of catalyst in 10 parts of water. Ratio VODIPREN COMPOUND/CATALYST(diluted): about 7:1

Consumption: from 5 to 6 Kg./m² relating to the roughness and the irregularity of the surface (from 3 to 3,5 mm of dry thickness)


Technical specifications
Appearance Liquid atossic emulsion
Colour Brown
Specific gravity Kg. 0,980 +/- 3% /dm³ (UNI-EN 8202/07)
Dry residue 63-65%
Stability at softening > 130°C
Stability at hot temperatures + 120°C no flow (UNI-EN 8202/18)
Stability at cold temperatures - 25°C no burst (UNI-EN 8202/15)
Maximum tensile stretch > 5000% (UNI-EN 8202/8)
Resistance to break (A) (UNI-EN 8202/9)
Breaking load
(Longitudinal direction)
1,19 daN
Breaking load
(Transversal direction)
1,36 daN
Mechanical resistance It withstands more than 2000 cycles of traction and compression without problems.
Resistance to ageing Good if exposed to sun rays. Very good if protected with superficial coverings.
Resistance to acids Acetic acid 30% good - Sulphuric acid 13% good - Hydrochloric acid 35% good.



It is recommended to apply VODIPREN COMPOUND on cleaned surfaces, at temperatures not lower than 3°C and on surfaces previously treated with VODIECOPRIMER with fast drying. The product applied is catalyzed immediately becoming insoluble in water. The cross-linking increases with the issue of the membrane, first of the liquid part as a water drop and then as vapour. Anyway, by the passing of the time, the membrane realized with VODIPREN COMPOUND continues the process of cross-linking increasing and improving the resistance to tearing, stamping and mechanical resistance. If required, VODIPREN COMPOUND may be formulated with anti-root additives.



All the waterproofing of the coverings and/or foundation walls will be executed with continuous liquid elastomeric bituminous (cold bicomponent) membrane called VODIPREN COMPOUND. The application will be executed by spraying with the use of an equipment by combining the components coming out from the nozzles. The VODIPREN COMPOUND membrane will have an elasticity not lower than 5000%.



The functioning of the two membrane pumps is very easy. On the two outgoing guns you have to put a 4008 nozzle for VODIPREN COMPOUND and a 4002 nozzle for the CATALYST. By regulating the pressures, 15 BAR for the pump of VODIPREN COMPOUND and 7 BAR for the pump of the CATALYST, you will get the consistency of VODIPREN COMPOUND and the CATALYST, according to the 7:1 proportion.

It is always better to test first the exact diameter of the nozzles, considering the application temperature too. The consistency of VODIPREN COMPOUND is guaranteed by a correct application of the product. That's the reason why we suggest, during the first experience of application, to waterproof small coverings, by taking samples of the product previously sprayed with a well-sharpened blade, in order to verify the thickness and eventually modify the movement speed of spraying. Waterproof first of all the vertical, perimeter surfaces and then the horizontal surfaces, starting from the outlet pipe union. Apply the product at a distance of 50/60 cm from the surface, by spraying always perpendicularly to it. Focus and persist where there are cracks and porosity. If there are marked slits, treat them with VODITES first (tissue-non-tissue) gr. 35-40 absorbed with VODIPREN 90. If there are damaged or crumbly supports, it is always better to resettle and reconstruct them by using restoring mortars and then treating them with VODIECOPRIMER. It is always necessary to recover VODIPREN COMPOUND membrane with elastic, coloured, protective products (VODICOLOR TOP). These products, and VODIECOPRIMER too, can be applied by using the same machine and an appropriate nozzle.

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Safety Specifications

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