Vodipren PRW

Liquid elasto-bituminous waterproofing membrane ideal for high thickness on vertical foundation walls, retaining walls made of cast concrete slabs, concrete bricks, roof waterproofing, prefabricated panels.


VODIPREN PRW is a particular liquid elasto-bituminous membrane whose formula gives the possibility to realize monolithic impermeabilizations with a high thickness and verticality on concrete foundation walls, prefabricated boards etc…


Instructions for use

VODIPREN PRW therefore replaces the most used - but remarkably difficult – system, which is characterised by the application of apeak prefabricated bituminous membranes. Very simple to apply and quick to execute, VODIPREN PRW is sprayed cold with pressurised airbrush equipment. This allows for just 3 working units to apply more than 1000 square metres of an absolutely waterproof and elastic membrane per day, with a thickness of about 2mm.

The surface to treat has to be clean, without any possible iron spacer for wooden boards for concrete and has to be well regulated so that it will not be necessary to use large quantities of material. It will always be necessary to apply a substrate coat of VODIECOPRIMER; afterwards there will be a first application of VODIPREN PRW and, after several hours (as soon as the first coat is sufficiently dry), there will be the second coat.

The total consumption for an Average thickness of 2 mm. will be 2.5Kg of VODIPREN PRW for each m². Subsequently, the impermeabilization has to be protected with polystyrene boards or better with ashlar membranes made up of high-density reclaimed polyethylene.


Technical specification
Colour Brown
Colour dried film Black
Specific gravity 0,650 Kg/dm³
Dry residue 69%
Maximum tensile stretch More than 1000%
Cold Flexibility -20°C
Waterproofing Total
Viscosity (Brookfield) 20000 CPS Impeller 20.6 rev/min
Dilution Ready to use
Consumption 2lt x m² for 2mm
Drying / Overpainting To the touch after 1 hour at 20°C
Packaging Plastic cans of Kg. 18



Shake the product vigorously before using it. The packaging cannot stand the cold and, once frozen, the product cannot be used anymore.

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