Vodipren 100

Selected distilled bitumen-based waterproofing membrane, applicable on every kind of surface: against the ground damp walls, cement or metal gutters, small and big structures, deteriorated bituminous membranes.


VODIPREN 100 is a black semi-fluid paste obtained mixing together selected bitumens, special synthetic resins, mineral charges, additives and solvents. The addition of special additives allows VODIPREN 100 to be applied also on moderately wet supports and at temperatures below 0°C. While drying, the waterproofing membrane created with VODIPREN 100 will be characterized by a high resistance to high and low temperatures, by an excellent adhesion to the support and by a high elasticity (800%).


Primary use

VODIPREN 100 may be applied on every kind of support, even though it is dame and it can to bear the contact with solvents. It can also be applied on damp retaining walls. It can used to repaire cement or metallic gutters, to waterproof small and big structures, to restore degraded bituminous membranes even at low temperatures, It is even used for the encapsulation of Asbestos.


Recently a new method of application of VODIPREN 100 has been outlined: this concerns the encapsulation of structures containing asbestos. Studies on this subject have been carried out by our technological bureau in cooperation with "MASINI TESTING INSTITUTE" in MILAN. The sample treated with VODIPREN 100 and VODICOLOR EXTRA easily overcame the transfer test carried out at the laboratory (see certificate). It is very important to notice that thanks to VODIPREN 100 the slabs treated appear well screened even after further accidental cracks following encapsulation. This can be due to hail-storms, rapid ranges of temperature, ageing and so on. All its technical features make it answer perfectly to the last directions of the Secretary of Health of 6 September 1994 demanding: "the use of an impregnating material (VODIPREN 100) that penetrating the asbestos fibres binds them together and to the cement matrix and a covering material that ensures and increases the resistence to atmospheric agents and to U.V.rays" (VODICOLOR EXTRA). it's also important to underline that the encapsulation system requires a little cleaning of the support because of the penetrating action of VODIPREN 100 which is effective also in presence of big efflorescences on the platesto treat. This allows the costs concerning the recovery and the treatment of the washing waters to be cut down. At last, it is interesting to enphasize the high value of mechanical hysteresis ensured by VODIPREN 100. It offers a strong resistance to sound-waves transmission thus improving the comfort in the working places during raining days or hailstorms.


The operation of encapsulation is made in a simple and economical way.It will be sufficient to clean superficially the asbestos cement support (you have to remove ground and grass accumulated near gutters, drains or the manufactures'concavity). Big cracks or holes should be repaired prior to encapsulation englobing a light film of non-woven polyester (VODITES) of 40 gr. between the first and the second coat of VODIPREN 100. It is always necessary to spray VODIPRIMER on the whole surface to be treated. This operation aims at blocking the support. Its consumption may vary from 0,200 to 0,400 Kg./m². After it has dried (about 60 minutes later) apply VODIPREN 100 by roller, brush or a spray with a consumption of Kg. 1+1,5 per square-metre. Each part of the surface should be covered by at least a one millimetre-layer of VODIPREN 100 paying attention to the efflorescences. In such situations a further application of the product will be necessary. The drying process of the product takes place thanks to the vaporization of the solvents. After the surface has dried, it may be covered by the elastic coloured protection "VODICOLOR EXTRA". For the refurbishment of the surfaces below the treatment you will need to apply a foundation coat created with VODIPRIMER with a consumption of about 0,050 Kg. per square-metre.


Instructions for use

VODIPREN 100 is ready for use. Apply it by brush, roller, spatula or trowel. Its consumption depends on the roughness of the support and it can vary from 1,5 to 2 Kg./m². It can also be applied by means of an airless pump using a 31/60 nozzle at a 240 bar pressure. In this case it should be diluted by adding 10-15% of current synthetic thinner. Application tools must be cleaned with gas oil or ordinary solvents.


Technical specification
Colour Black
Hot share stability Steady at 100°C
Dry residue About 70%
Specific gravity 1,150 x dm³
Dilution Synthetic thinner - VODIPRIMER
Drying time At the surface about 60 minutes at 20° C - In depth about 36 hours at 20° C
Cold Flexibility -25°C it stands
Waterproofing A 60KPa it stands
Maximum tensile stretch About 1000%
Packaging Steel cans of 2,5Kg - 5Kg - 10Kg - 20Kg



Stir the product before use. VODIPREN 100 is not flammable, noxious to inhale. Do not apply the product in badly aired areas. Keep the product far from heat sources. The content and quality of the solvents should be according to tha law. In order to ensure a long-lasting performance quality of the finished product we recommend to protect the dried film of VODIPREN 100 with an elastic protection varnish(VODICOLOR EXTRA).

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