Vodipren 90

Liquid waterproofing elastomer bituminous waterproofing membrane for vertical and horizontal surfaces. An ecological product, ideal for DIY.


VODIPREN 90 is a semi-fluid paste ready for use made up of an emulsion of selected bituminous addetives together with special synthetic resins and mineral fillers. Thus, the bituminous paste obtained is brown. While drying, it will become dark black, showing an excellent adhesiveness to the support and a high elasticity (more than 1000%). It can also be applied on vertical surfaces and it will be able to bear temperatures under 0° C. VODIPREN 90 does not contain any noxious substance or solvent. Its extremely easy application its versatility and its excellent performance make it a perfect accessory for building. It can also be considered the professional waterproofing material or the ideal product for "bricolage".


Primary use

VODIPREN 90 has been formulated to obtain lasting and practical waterproofing of every kind of vertical or horizontal surface, thus allowing the creation of continuos bituminous membranes, strongly anchored to the whole laying surface. Then it can be used for the waterproofing of terraces, balconies, pent roofs, foundation walls, large slabs as well as for the restoration of old bituminous membranes, for the sealing of chimneys, cement or metallic gutters, for the adhesion of barriers to vapour etc.. Moreover VODIPREN 90 shows high value of mechanical hysteresis. This allows VODIPREN 90 together with sound-absorbent panels to reduce the transmission of stamping noise, thus softening the noise of machinery's vibration.


Instructions for use

VODIPREN 90 is ready for use. It can be applied by means of a roller, a brush, a trowel, a spray or airless equipment. An homogenous thickness may be obtained using a 2 mm notched spatula for the first coat, and a smooth spatula for the second coat when the first one is dried. This way one abtains a regular coat of about 2 mm. Carefully clean the surfaces and settle the eventually disconnected supports by means of well smoothed grout so as to avoid product waste. Its consumption varies according to the roughness of the support.It is approximately recommended in 1,5 - 2 Kg/m². It is possible to strenghthen VODIPREN 90 layer englobing during its application by adding a light film of non-woven polyester (VODITES) of 40 gr./mq, laying the lenghts of polyester to a thickness of 5 cm. VODITES is extremely necessary for big coverings.

It is possible to spray VODIPREN 90 by means of an airless pump using a 36/60 nozzle with a 220 bar pressure at a temperature of 20°C.


Technical specifications
Colour Brown
Colour dried film Black
Specific gravity 1,050 Kg/dm³
Dry residue 67%
Dilution Ready to use
Drying at 20° C: Surface about 60 minutes - In depth: about 48 hours
Recommended thickness 2 mm/square metre (even in only one coat)
Cold flexibility it stands at -20° C
Waterproofing Waterproof at 60 KPa
Resistance to traction - lengthwise Max tensile stress: 1,6 daN/cm² - Max tensile stretch: more than 800%
Resistance to tearing Lengthwise: 0,97 daN - Crosswise: 0,96 daN
Packaging Steelcans of 2,5Kg - 5Kg - 10Kg - 20Kg



Avoid the application of VODIPREN 90 on wet surfaces, at temperatures below 5° C or the rain or fog are expected within the next few hours. The ideal application conditions should be guaranteed for at least 24 hours after the application. After drying it will be better to cover the waterproof coat obtained with VODIPREN 90 with an elastic coloured coating (VODICOLOR EXTRA). This operation should be done after 15 days from the application. The tools may be cleaned with water until the product is dry. After drying, gas-oil or solvents will be necessary. On request, it is possible to formulate VODIPREN 90 with anti-root additives. The product is sensitive to cold.

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Safety Specifications

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