Vodisarm F

Detaching oil for iron formworks (Ecological Product)


VODISARM-F is a product with a physical-chemical action realized with non-oxidising additive vegetable oils. The disarmament of formworks and metallic stamps from the concrete is easier and faster if VODISARM-F has been applied. The right formula assures a good protection of the surfaces, avoiding corrosions and granting a fast removal. Sharp edges can be obtained by involved shapes and by external surfaces.


Instructions for use and consumption

VODISARM-F can be diluted with gas-oil in different solution. It is recommended to start the dilution from 20% to the 50% of gas-oil. The product can be applied by means of a brush, a roller spraying it. Stir the diluted product before use.



Cans of 5 - 10 - 20 and of 210 lt.

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