Silicate water-repellent paint


VODISIL is a transparent paint with a basis of silicates' crystals in emulsion. If applied on porous surfaces it is absorbed and when dried it is a thick net of invisible crystals. It grants, for many years, an absolute impermeability of the surfaces, without modifying them.


Primary use

VODISIL is used on every type of absorbent surface: plasters, concrete, bricks, stone.


Instructions for use

VODISIL can be applied by means of a brush, a roller, or spraying it on dried and clean surfaces. You can apply one or two coats of VODISIL but you must give second coat when the first one is still wet. If you desire absolute impermeability you can dip the bricks (or the other things to be waterproofed) in a basin containing VODISIL.


Technical specifications
Colour Transparent
Specific gravity 1,050 Kg/dm³
Drying About 1 hour at 20°C
Recommended consuption From 0,080Kg to 0,200Kg for m²
Packaging Cans 5lt - 10lt - 20lt



VODISIL does not contain toxic-noxious substances. The tools can be cleaned after use with water. The product is sensitive to cold.

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