Aqueous bituminous primer


Non-toxic bituminous emulsion with added evaporating agents to provide a fast drying process. VODIECOPRIMER is a brown coloured liquid which dries to a dull black brown membrane. The product is ready for use.


Primary use

VODIECOPRIMER is generally used as a primer for dusty surfaces, the adhesion of bituminous prefabricated membranes and as a protective for prefabricated concrete surfaces. VODIECOPRIMER is also suitable for application onto metallic surfaces.


Instructions for use

Remove any loose deleterious areas from surface. VODIECOPRIMER can be applied using a brush, roller, trowel or spray gun. Stir the product thoroughly, with a maximum dilution of 25% clean water. The surface consumption may change in relation to the degree of absorption. 


Technical specifications
Color Brown (liquid product) - Black (dried product)
Specific gravity 1,080 Kg/dm³
Bitumen percentage 45% approx
Dilution Add water up to dilution of 25%
Drying Approx 15 mins at 20° C (please note time may vary according to the temperature and to the degree of humidity of the air)
Recommended consuption From 0,150 Kg to 0,300 Kg for m²
Packaging Steel cans of 5Kg - 10Kg - 20Kg



Store the steel cans away from heat sources or high temperatures. Stir the product thoroughly before use. Due to the products rapid drying time soak tools in gas-oil or other solvents after use. Avoid using the product in the imminence of rain or temperatures under +5° C.

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