Semi-dense cold asphalt


VODIASFALT is a bituminous emulsion in aqueous dispersion (semi dense paste), with added mineral fillers and thickening agents. The product is brown in liquid form and dries to a black finish. The dried film is completely waterproof.


Primary use

VODIASFALT is generally used for waterproofing and protection in the construction industry. It is ideal to waterproof foundations, walls, terraces, tanks, the external surfaces of piping and cement structures.


Instructions for use

VODIASFALT can be applied using a paint brush, roller or spatula. It can also be sprayed after diluting. Apply VODIASFALT onto clean and dry surfaces. Existing cracks in the surface must be smoothed with adhesive mortars mixed with VODILATEX. The first coat of VODIASFALT can be diluted with clean fresh water at a maximum dilution of 40%. When the first coat is dry, a second coat can be applied undiluted at a rate of 1.5 Kg/m². Alternatively you can incorporate a layer of VODITES reinforcement fabric. Placing a reinforcement layer of non-woven polyester (VODITES) at 40 gr/m² between each coat of VODIASFALT will significantly improve its mechanical resistance. Finally a coloured protective product such as VODICOLOR BASE or VODIRALL ECO should be applied over the dried VODIASFALT film.


Technical specifications
Colour Brown
Colour dried film Black
Product type Bituminous emulsion with fillers and thickening agents ready for use, single component.
Viscosity Thixotropic
Density Kg. 1,300 / dm
Dry residue 700 gr./lt +/- 3%
Specific gravity 1426 gr/lt +/- 3%
Inflammability Not flammable
Dilution Clean water
Packaging Plastic drums of 5Kg - 10Kg - 20Kg
Storage Store in the original tubs for up to 18 months from the date of production.



Do not apply VODIASFALT in wet or cold weather conditions, if rain or fog is expected within a few hours of application or at temperatures below +5° C. The product is sensitive to cold.

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