Voditec H-20

Mastic elastic sealant for horizontal joints


VODITEC H-20 is a special, high viscosity sealant made up of synthetic resins, selected bitumen and mineral fillers. It can be applied by pouring out after warming to make the product completely fluid. It has excellent adhesive and elasticity features (more than 1000%). The dry product has a black colour finish.


Primary use

VODITEC H-20 is used to fill and seal the horizontal joints on any type of surface, ensure the surface is dry and has no loose or flaking areas (concrete, structural steel work, asbestos, cement). VODITEC H-20 is also used to modify oxidized and inert bitumen mixtures used for waterproofing. Gauzes soaked in VODITEC H-20 can be used to protect metallic underground pipe-lines. It can be used also to seal inclined joints, normally with a spatula, applied when the product is cooling.


Instructions for use

Warm up VODITEC H-20 in a metallic can until it becomes completely liquid. Use the product by pouring or smearing it over the surface. When VODITEC H-20 cools, it becomes completely fixed to the surface and is not affected by both low or high temperatures. On dusty surfaces we recommend applying a coat VODIPRIMER. Allow the primer to dry before applying the VODITEC H-20 in the normal manner.


Technical specifications
Colour Black
Specific gravity 1,030 Kg/dm³
Drying time Top layer approx 60 min a 20°C – Throughout approx 72/96 hours at approx 20°C
Maximum tensile stretch More than 1000%
Inflammability Not flammable
Consumption 150/300 gr per m² in relation to the roughness of the substrate
Packaging Tubs of 5Kg - 10Kg - 20Kg



VODITEC H-20 does not contain any toxic-noxious substance. Surplus product can be re-used after repeating the warming process.

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