Voditec M-60

Bituminous solvent adhesive for the cold bonding of bituminous prefabricated membranes. Waterproofing membrane ideal for roofing tiles.


VODITEC M-60 is a bituminous adhesive with a very low content of solvents, ready for the use, with a high viscosity.


Primary use

VODITEC M-60 has been studied and formuled for the cold adhesion of bituminous membranes. The plastic-bituminous adhesive, VODITEC M-60, is essential especially for the adhesion of canadian tiles even if applied with slopes steeper than to 20%.


Instructions for use

VODITEC M-60 should be applied with a spatula doing stripes or points making a pressure on the part that will be stuck. The thickness should not be greater than 2 mm, in order to avoid lengthy drying times. Dust and oils must be removed on the surface.


Technical specifications
Colour Black
Specific gravity 1,380 Kg/dm³
Drying Dry about 40 min. - In deep 72/96 hours at 5°C
Dry residue 90% in volume
Inflammability More then 65°C
Consumption From 100 to 300 g/m²
Packaging Plastic drums of 5Kg - 10kg - 20Kg / Cartridges of 310ml



VODITEC M-60 is produced in two types: the summer one and the winter one (for applications with temperatures under 5 °C ). For the adhesions between prefabricated membranes it's always necessary to remove the coat of polythene.

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