VodireFill PUR

Quick setting general sealant


VODIREFILL PUR is a highly adhesive and elastic air polymerization single component polyurethane sealant.


Primary use

VODIREFILL PUR is an elastic highly adhesive sealant, with a good adhesion onto many substrates. It is suitable for application onto wood, for the adhesion of metals, one and-two-component paintings, polyurethane foam and ceramics. It may be used in the repair of car bodywork, trucks, bus, train, camper, pleasure crafts.
It is extensively used in the building industry to seal industrial floors, concrete prefabricated elements etc. It is also used for both internal and external sealing in vehicles, filling joints or piling and bonding of multi-strand parts, doors and at site finishes. Used as a compound for impact and vibration absorption. This product is recommended for industrial and professional use.

VODIREFILL PUR had a good resistance to chemical aqueous agents, sea water, hydrocarbons for a short time, organic acids, vegetable and animal oils. The information provided is general, please contact our technical team for more specific advice. Warning: we do not recommend the use of alcohol and nitro solvents for cleaning the surface.


Instructions for use

The product should be applied onto a clean,dry surface, with no dust, oil and loose or detached areas. In certain applications a pre-treatment with an activator and/or adhesion promoter may be recommended for improved adhesion. For further information please, contact our Technical Department.
Clip or cut the cartridge, insert the cartridge into the compressed air pistol. Cut the tip according to the section required (joint width or kerb section to use it as an adhesive) before placing into the end of the air pistol.


Technical specification
Basis Polyurethane
Colour grey, white, black
Specific gravity 1,35 – 1,4 g/ml
Clean surface (23°C 55%UR) Approx 60 minutes
Shore-hardness Approx 40
Curing 2,5 mm. in approx 24 hours
Elongation at break Approx 500%
Tensile strength Approx 1.5 N/mm²
Tear strength Approx 6 N/mm²
Volume shrinkage 5,5% ± 0,5%
Use temperature from +5°C to +35°C
Working temperature from -40°C to +70°C
Packaging 310 ml cartridges; 600 ml cartridges
Storage 12 months in the original containers.



The exposure to aggressive chemical agents, high temperatures, UV rays may cause a colour change in the product without necessarily altering technical features and durability.
In case of re-painting, it is necessary to verify the compatibility with the product.
Before applying the product onto different surfaces, please contact our Technical Department.
For information and advice regarding safety standards, use and storage please consult our current safety data sheet which includes physical and toxicological data about safety.
Store the product in the original containers in a dry place, out of sunlight and at a temperature between +5°C and +25°C.

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