Vodicolor Extra

Elastic coloured waterproofing membrane for reinforced concrete

Features / Asbestos Encapsulation

VODICOLOR EXTRA is a coloured waterproofing protective membrane, based on synthetic resins in water dispersion and its dried film is characterized by high elasticity and by high waterproof power.


Primary use

Thanks to its formulation VODICOLOR EXTRA has a very good covering power and can be applied on every kind of bituminous covering on cement supports, plasters, on asbestos cement large slabs. It is used as an anchoring protective product on the old slate membranes with the aim of preventing the crumbling of slate flakes and to restore the uniform colouration. The high quality of the elastomer resins, additives and pigments contained in the product grant an excellent water impermeability. The dried film is elastic and flexible in order to compensate possible "movements"of the support where it is applied. VODICOLOR EXTRA offers excellent resistance to acid rains, to aggressive atmosphere and to the sun's ultraviolet rays. The resistance to foot traffic of the dried film is good but it may be improved by interposing a framework of non woven polyester (VODITES) between the coats of VODICOLOR EXTRA. VODICOLOR EXTRA is used for the colouring of sport floors made with conglomerates of cement or bituminous well-drained conglomerates.


Instructions for use

Carefully clean the support by removing dust and crumbly parts. Any big cracks should be repaired by means of grouts or adhesive water cement mixed with VODILATEX. In this case it is better to wait until the work of restoration is dried. It is alwais better to apply a first bed coat made by watering VODICOLOR EXTRA down by 10%. When the drying-process has taken place (2 hours at 20° C) VODICOLOR EXTRA can be applied again without diluting it. The application may be carried out by means of a brush, a roller or a trowel or with an airless pump. The consumption varies from Kg. 0,200 to a 250 for square meter for the first coat. For the last coat it can be used from Kg. 0,300 to 0,500 for square metre.


Technical specifications
Colours White - Red - Grey - Green - Brown
Specific gravity 1,350 Kg/dm³
Dry residue 68%
Maximum tensile stretch About 600%
Resistance to traction Longitudinal sense: 16 by N/cm² - Transversal sense: 18 by N/cm²
Cold flexibility -10°C
Dilution Clean water
Impermeability Total
Packaging Plastic pails of 5lt - 10lt - 20lt



Remember not to apply VODICOLOR EXTRA when weather is bad, if rain is expected within the next few hours or at temperatures below +5° C. These conditions should be ensured for at least 24 hours after application. For the waterproofing of small cement areas or prexistent floors, it is better to use VODITES (elastic non woven polyester of 40g) interpose between the two coats of VODICOLOR EXTRA. Provide for suitable slopes of the concretes in order to avoid prolonged water stagnation over the film of VODICOLOR EXTRA. Always foresee an element of connection between the horizontal plane and the vertical one. VODICOLOR EXTRA can not be applied on surfaces which contain hydraulic lime or chalk. Keep the steel cans in the original packaging.The product is sensitive to cold.

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