Liquid waterproofing products for the building industry

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Professional Products Vodipren 2PUR
Waterproofing membrane polyurethane resin based on a low quantity of solvent bitumen. Terrace, balcony and roof material in two components.
Vodipren Ecopur
Liquid polyurethane resin and bitumen-based waterproofing membrane. Terrace, balcony, roof material. Old bituminous sheathing waterproofing, metal sheet roofing, under-tile waterproofing.
Vodicolor PUR
Elastic hygro-hardening polyurethane two-component waterproofing membrane in red or grey color. Under-tile coating, roof waterproofing, terrace and balcony waterproofing, old bituminous sheathing waterproofing.
Vodipren PR-PRF
Cold high thickness application monolithic waterproofing membrane. Applicable on prefabricated membranes, surfaces in PVC, sheet-zincs, foundation walls. Roof waterproofing, viaducts, pitched roofs.
Vodipren Compound
Liquid elastomeric bituminous waterproofing membrane. Two-component cold-applied paint. Ideal for industrial buildings, viaducts, bridges, tunnels, old bituminous sheathing and roof waterproofing.
Vodipren PRW
Liquid elasto-bituminous waterproofing membrane ideal for high thickness on vertical foundation walls, retaining walls made of cast concrete slabs, concrete bricks, roof waterproofing, prefabricated panels.
Vodipren 100
Selected distilled bitumen-based waterproofing membrane, applicable on every kind of surface: against the ground damp walls, cement or metal gutters, small and big structures, deteriorated bituminous membranes.
Vodipren 90
Liquid waterproofing elastomer bituminous waterproofing membrane for vertical and horizontal surfaces. An ecological product, ideal for DIY.
Flexible and elastic waterproofing membrane composed of a synthetic polymer adhesive in water dispersion and a premixed mortar mixed together. Suitable for stone and cement surfaces.

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