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Information and Request of authorization to the data handling

According to the art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 – Privacy Code (published on Gazzetta Ufficiale 29/07/2003, Serie generale n. 174, Supplemento ordinario n. 123/L.


Dear Suppliers/Customers, we inform you that, because of our contractual agreement (see above), our company owns your qualified data and, from the Legislative Decree 196/2003 "Personal Data Protection Code" these are considered personal data even though they are acquired verbally, both directly and through third parties.

This Code obliges that the personal data handling has to be fair and transparent, so that the confidentiality and the rights of the above mentioned people are protected. These people have to be given suitable information by the company about the way of data handling and its qualified elements.

According to this law we give you the following information in order to acquire your authorization.

Nature of the handled data

All the data required, both private and fiscal, are compulsory and necessary for present and future agreements. We would like to point out that we do not own any of your sensitive and judicial data (art. 4 Code letter d) and e).

Purpose of the handling

Your data will be handled according to the contractual requirements (commercial, economic and financial ones) and according to the carrying out of the fiscal and legal duties, for the whole time of the contractual agreement, and then too.

Way of handling

The handling of your data will consist in collection, logging, conservation, modification, communication, spreading and (possible) deletion; it will be effected both by paper and electronic and computer supports, according to the ways and with appropriate instruments, in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the data, according to art. 31 and the following ones of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, concerning the safety measures for the personal data handling. In the specific instance, all the technical, organization, logistic and safety measures will be adopted in order to guarantee the necessary level of data protection, according to the law. Moreover, we assure you that the methodologies applied guarantee that the data access will be allowed only to people assigned by our company for that purpose. The conservation of paper and computer documents, will last 10 years, according to the Civil Code.

Consequences of the data refusal

In case of lack of communication of the data, criminal and administrative fines, suspension or retraction of authorization and/or licence could be applied by the competent departments.

Subjects personal data will be communicated to

Your personal data could be communicated to:

  • Company staff, appropriately qualified for protection of personal data and privacy.
  • Lending Institutions for receipts and payment.
  • Chartered accountants, freelancers and companies providing services for books of account and the execution of fiscal carrying out.
  • State Bodies in charge of checking the regularity of account and fiscal carrying out according to the law.

It is absolutely forbidden the communication or the spreading of your personal data which are not necessary for the fulfilment of services or products you required.

Your rights

In relation to the handling of your personal data, you have the right, according to art. 7 (right to access personal data and other rights) of the code:

  • To obtain the confirmation about the existence of your personal data, even though they are not logged yet, and their communication in a intelligible way.
  • To obtain the information:

    a) about the source of personal data;
    b) about the aims and ways of the handling;
    c) about the logic applied if the handling is effected by means of electronic instruments;
    d) about the identity information of the owner, managers and representative nominated according to art. 5, par. 2;
    e) about subjects or subject categories the personal data have been communicated to or that have been informed as representatives nominated by the State, managers or appointees;

  • To obtain:

    a) the update, that is the correction and, whenever you are interested, the integration of data;
    b) the deletion, the transformation in the anonymous way or the block of the data handled in violation of law, including the ones that do not need to be preserved, considering the reasons why they have been collected and then handled;
    c) the attestation that the information in letter a) and b) have been disclosed to third parties the data have been communicated to, except the case that the fulfilment is impossible or implies the use of wrong means.

  • To oppose, totally or partially:

    a) to the handling of your personal data for licit reasons, even though they are pertinent to the aim of their collection;
    b) to the handling of your personal data for the sending of advising materials or direct selling or for market research or of trade communication.


The owner of the handling of data is VODICHEM ITALIA S.R.L.

Tax Code: 04881120721, Tel. 080/ 3628233-3614462 Fax. 080/3612944 - email:

The owner of the handling of data is VOLPE ENRICO, Codice Fiscale VLPNRC41P28E625L

As for the rights according to art. 7 of the Privacy Code, make your request in written form to the attention of the company's owner, to VODICHEM ITALIA S.R.L. VIA A. VOLTA, 70 – 70037 RUVO DI PUGLIA (BA), Tel. 0039 0803628233 – 3614462, Fax. 0039 0803612944, e-mail:

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